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Scofield Cyber Security, sometimes referred to as computer forensic science, is the field of technology that applies investigative and analysis techniques to gather evidence admissible in a court of law. In the civil justice system, the goal of cyber forensics is to execute a legally compliant and structured investigation to uncover the chain of incidents and find out who is responsible for the crime. The defining line in whether a victim needs Scofield Cyber Security Limited investigation is whether the amount lost by victims is significant. Another viable parameter is whether victims are looking for early assessment to determine whether they should reach out to the court. Scofield Cyber Security Limited steps in at such crucial moments.

We prepare a detailed report of the case and help you plan every move prudently. Since digital evidence is volatile and can easily be destroyed, a simplistic way to protect this data is to hire forensic services that have sufficient experience working with advanced technology in the field. The goal of such firms is to help victims find the correct answers. What happened? How did it happen? When did it happen? And Who did it? We then present all this data in a way that resolves each of our clients’ queries.
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Cybercrimes vary in degree, and so do Scofield Cyber Security Limited services. Our broad array of services can help you address various aspects of cyber issues. Whether you are a small business, a large firm, an individual, or law enforcement, Scofield Cyber Security Limited integrates the latest technology to extract data and identify the perpetrators behind the online crime. We also offer consultation on various topics, including how to spot an online scam, how to identify the scammers, and how to stay protected.


Forensic Specialists: We are a team of experienced investigators, lawyers, law practitioners, and computer experts with years of field experience and business knowledge. Our professional team has extensive command of technical and investigative aspects to give you accurate results. We bring value to our clients across numerous specialized areas, including cryptocurrency recovery, blockchain trail tracing, due diligence, etc. Industry-focused: Scofield Cyber Security Limited empowers each client by offering in-depth knowledge of various sectors in the digital forensics world and working closely with them to understand their requirements. Global reach: We draw effective results from the experience of professionals affiliated within the network of Scofield Cyber Security Limited. This enables our firm to understand various issues impacting people, technology, and the cyber world.


Quick Response: Catching cybercriminals is often a race against time. Therefore, once our clients report an online scam, our professional team strives to eliminate the adversary from the computer system as soon as possible. To do so, we blend advanced and workable methodologies to perform a complete analysis and understand how the system got attacked and got exposed to financial frauds. Scofield Cyber Security Limited’s quick response team offers timely and accurate results to abate the crisis. Data Collection: Preserving a victim’s data effectively is crucial before presenting it in court. Scofield Cyber Security Limited collects online scam victims’ data using various sources and preserves it safely. Our team implements standard industry forensic software to improve data acquisition speed and help maintain the integrity of the data collected. Our professionals follow a chain of guidelines and methodologies designed to meet requirements of clients. Scan business risks: Precaution is better than cure. Today, organizations and individuals are at a greater risk of losing sensitive information and financial data in a minute. No one is immune to these attacks. But the damage can be avoided if users follow a safety-first culture in everyday life. Scofield Cyber Security Limited helps organizations and individual businesses gain visibility of digital assets by scanning the potential threats to the system. We are the solution for all sectors: Whether you are a healthcare business, financial service, insurance firm, retailer, or law enforcement, if you have been a victim of any online scam, Scofield Cyber Security Limited can help you recover your life savings back.

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Incident Response: Scofield Cyber Security Limited can respond to cyber threats, events, or any intrusions experienced by online scam victims. We establish a dialogue with our clients to design a recovery plan involving potential resources. Once we collect the information, our specialist teams begin their forensic analysis and obtain a comprehensive view of the incident. We reconstruct the event activity and utilize data analysis and advanced tools to start a remediation process. Scofield Cyber Security Limited remains ready to offer clients additional consultation on how to fill the gaps in their security posture and work towards helping them prevent falling victims to cyber attacks in the future. Security Assessment: Scofield Cyber Security Limited conducts a complete security assessment including, but not limited to technical vulnerability, network structure review, and scam method testing. These assessments are designed to work with clients on prioritizing their preferences on how they want to communicate with our firm. Schedule a free consultation today! Criminal Investigation: Crime investigation involves more than fund recovery or identifying data breaches that can prove destructive if it reaches scammers. The criminal investigation consists in preserving data and sifting information through an insightful process to provide effective results in a form that can be understood even by individuals from non-technical backgrounds. Evidence identification is mainly achieved when performed in conjunction with due diligence services.

Law Enforcement Support: Scofield Cyber Security Limited is proud to serve the law enforcement community. Ours is a team that also constitutes retired law enforcement officers, government officials, lawyers as a part of our exceptional service team. We understand the demands of forensic work in the sector and provide support when needed. Scofield Cyber Security Limited’s evidence collection teams comply with the highest standards in the field. We serve as the digital forensic lab for our investigators. All our clients enjoy the same protection as required by high-profile cases. We simultaneously analyze hundreds of ongoing civil and criminal matters to present an insightful look to information seekers. Whether you are looking to know about cryptocurrency frauds or ransomware attacks or seeking information on what is the right approach to report any online scam to proper authorities, we ensure you get it. Furthermore, Scofield Cyber Security Limited also provides computer forensic training to individuals focusing on education, communication, and preservation of information. Scofield Cyber Security Limited ensures that no evidence is overlooked at any stage of the investigation. Our expert help team assists online scam victims in breaking down the most complex scam techniques. We examine each physical aspect of the online crime to uncover the perpetrators behind the crime.